Resilience is defined as the ability to recover from or adjust to adversity. And, we know that there can be more than one path to reach a destination.

What became clear early on in my career was that the most important principal in counseling is the role of the therapist as a guide. A companion on a journey of healing. It is not my place to impose my way of doing things but to assist you in finding yours.
Paths to Resilience provides you with the support, guidance and clinical expertise you need to develop and strengthen your resilience in the face of problems and challenges. Whatever your counseling concerns, Paths to Resilience can help you in finding your way.

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  • Michelle Cox is a skilled therapist who has a warm and caring approach to building a therapeutic relationship. If you are searching for a therapist to help manage grief and loss, relationship difficulties or depression, I urge you to contact Michelle Cox.
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  • Michelle‚Äôs ability to engage and journey alongside her clients of all ages, provides a safe, nurturing environment to develop healthy coping skills to last a lifetime.
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  • If you are a parent of a gifted child or a gifted child who is experiencing stress, I would recommend contacting Michelle Cox!
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  • If you are searching for support for your child who is struggling with issues related to grief or school challenges, I recommend Michelle Cox.
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  • I highly recommend anyone facing a life transition or grieving a change or loss to seek Michelle's guidance and services.
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  • As a therapist, Michelle Cox brings her clinical training, expertise and the collective past experiences with individuals and families to bear in the work she does with clients.
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