Are you watching your child struggle? Child-Counseling

  • Has your family experienced the loss of someone special or a family pet? Or perhaps your child’s behavior changed after a significant life event and you’re concerned.
  • Have you noticed your child is not the happy, spontaneous kid that you remember? Has he or she become anxious, fearful or begun to exhibit emotional outbursts as a result of changes in your family life?
  • Do you feel helpless as you witness your child’s stress level increase as a result of challenges at school such as struggling to make friends or dealing with perfectionism?

As a parent, it can be terrifying to watch your child try and cope with experiences that would challenge many adults. It’s important to trust your instincts when you sense that your child is not coping well. You want to be the one to help your child, but the steps you are taking may not offer the help he or she needs. You may realize that you need additional support and resources, but you don’t know where to begin searching. Do you wish you could find a way to help your child regain his or her happiness and confidence?

Countless Children and Families Have Overcome Their Challenges With Child Counseling

Child counseling provides the opportunity for your child to connect with an experienced therapist who understands what he or she is going through. I know how to address the concerns your child is struggling with. Your child can begin to understand the strengths he or she has, learning strategies to manage stress, work through the emotions of grief and loss and handle the unique aspects and experience of being gifted and talented. 

Child Counseling can help with …

 … Grief or Loss

A child can experience many kinds of loss, and all losses hold grief. As a family, you may have experienced a recent move, change or loss of a job or parents separating or divorcing. An important family member or pet may have passed away. Your child’s developmental stage – or age – will dictate how he or she expresses and processes grief. It’s not unusual for children to express grief through a change in behavior such as becoming withdrawn or, on the other side of the spectrum, experiencing regular and more emotional outbursts. Your child may experience an increase in physical distress such as headaches or stomachaches, or suddenly begin having trouble concentrating at school and keeping up with assignments. Child counseling will help to facilitate your child’s expression of grief and help him or her begin to heal. 

… Anxiety or Stress

Unmanageable stress or anxiety can affect your child in a negative way. It doesn’t matter if the stress is the result of a family problem, a health concern or problems with school or friends. It can show up as worry, nervousness or fearfulness. It’s pretty common for children to experience physical symptoms of anxiety or stress such as nausea or trouble sleeping. The good news is your child can learn practical strategies to help manage stress and anxiety! Child counseling provides support and guidance in acquiring the skills that will help your child change his or her patterns of thought and beliefs. These skills will provide your child with valuable tools that can be used both now and in the future to overcome anxiety and stress.

… Pressures of Being Gifted and Talented

For a child who is identified as gifted and talented, it is not uncommon to feel increased stress. In addition to self-imposed pressures, these children often struggle to keep up with the expectations of the adults in their lives, whether they are teachers or parents. It is not uncommon for gifted children to face challenges with perfectionism or self-criticism, often struggling to fit in among peers. Child counseling with a particular focus on these issues will help your child learn skills to manage his or her emotions, gain self-awareness and build lasting social and life skills.

For over 20 years, I have worked to improve individual and family issues, resulting in positive change and growth as an individual and a family. During that time, I worked with individuals and families coping with a diagnosis of cancer or other terminal illness. In addition to providing therapy and grief counseling, I am a former educator for gifted and talented students, allowing me to bring real life experience, understanding and compassion to the challenges your child and family are facing.

Establishing trust and effective communication by listening to your child and family’s story is the foundation for our productive therapeutic work together. With help, your child can feel happy and confident again.

But, you may still have questions or concerns about child counseling …

The cost of therapy is expensive, I’m not sure we can afford it…

I understand that the cost of child counseling can be difficult to justify when starting out. But I would ask you to consider counseling as an investment, both in your child’s emotional well-being as well your child and family’s quality of life. Living in or with distress, struggling with emotional pain, stress and anxiety can lead to costly issues down the road, from strained relationships and unresolved emotional pain to ongoing struggles with managing day to day decisions and expectations.

I should be able to handle this problem for my child and not have them see a stranger…

As a parent it’s common to believe that you should be able to manage or solve any issues or problems your child experiences. But the truth is that there are times when what you know to do isn’t working, or when you’ve exhausted your resources and still can’t find a solution. With the right fit, an experienced therapist will quickly become a trusted ally and safe support system your child can rely on. I understand that successful work in child counseling depends on establishing a compassionate, trusting, safe relationship through which your child can heal.

Won’t having my child see a therapist send a message that there is “something wrong with them” …

Far from it! As a parent you set the tone on how to view this. Explain that just as there are doctors who help children heal from an illness or medical issue, there are therapists who do the same for children who have an emotional or personal problem that they need help with. It can be hard to ask for help, but it’s important to realize that child counseling can offer the support your child – and your family – needs while going through this rough time. Your child’s positive experience with child counseling can also establish a healthy option that he or she can consider in the future when facing difficult times.

It is possible to find a solution to your child’s concern or problem …

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