Supervision-michelle-cox-lcswAre you pursuing clinical licensure in the State of Colorado?

If so, I am available to provide clinical supervision to post-graduate clinicians working toward LPC and LCSW licensure in Colorado. I have provided clinical supervision in various settings for students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate clinical programs, and for post-graduate clinicians working toward Colorado licensure as LPC or LCSW candidates.

How I view the supervisory relationship …

The relationship entered into by a clinical supervisor and supervisee should be one that will set the stage for growth and success. My approach is to meet you where you are in your training, and offer a supervisory relationship that is collaborative and supportive. In my supervision training, I remember hearing, “This work is about growing clinicians.” And, indeed it is! Throughout the years, that point has stuck with me and it has always fit with my style of supervision. I offer a strong element of nurturing while gently, but directly, asking the difficult questions that will aid in your growth.

How will we work together?

Whether you are a recent graduate or further along in your experience as a clinician, the foundation of our work remains the same. It will be grounded in your willingness to be self-reflective, curious, creative, flexible and occasionally vulnerable as we address issues specific to your professional development. Of equal importance is my supporting you as your counseling style evolves and becomes your own, whether you choose to adhere closely to a particular treatment orientation, or to find your way with integrating the best aspects from several orientations in the work you do with clients.

Some of the tasks of supervision I provide include oversight, consultation and guidance in diagnosing, conceptualizing and treating clients. On a regular basis, I will provide verbal feedback, as well as in written form when appropriate. Feedback will include, but is not limited to: periodic evaluation and resetting of goals, cultivating awareness of your personal issues that affect clinical work, making relevant suggestions for clinical interventions and directing you to take particular actions to protect client welfare if I discover that it may be at risk.

Believe it or not, in all of this, there is room for humor, nurturing compassion and, without a doubt, respect! Together we will unravel the multiple dimensions of working with clients, maintaining a healthy sense of self and striving for success both personally and professionally.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibility of working with me as your supervisor.